90 Day Transformation – Real or Scam

Let’s Talk About 90 – Day Challenges, And How 90% Of Them Are Total Bullshit

Now , The Problem Isn’t The Programs Themselves. There Are Plenty Of 90 – Day Challenges That Provide Value , Education , And Can Get You Fantabulous Results When You Hire An Elite Coach Or Trainer Over Amateur Ones.

My Beef’s Is Not With The Trainer , It’s With The Product – It’s The Marketing And Unrealistic Claims Behind Them.

See, Many Of Them Prey ON Desperate Dieters And Say Things Like

  • Get Six Pack Abs In Just 90 Days!
  • Shred All Your Body Fat In 12 weeks… Just In Time For Summer.

Sounds Exciting… Right??

And Depending On Your , Those Claims Might Be True. If You’re Already Lean Or Just 5 – 10 Kilograms Of Fat To Lose , 90 Days Can Be Realistic Amount Of Time To See Great Results.

But If You’re Hoping To Lose 20+ Kilograms Or Go From Fat To Shredded In A Mere 12 Weeks .You’Re Only Setting Yourself Up For Failure!

Truth Is Transforming Your Body Takes A LONG Ass Time Than You Think. I Did It Myself , Trust Me On This One.

And Remember That Results Are Meaningless Unless You Build Habits , Routines And A Lifestyle Around Maintaining Them.

When People Ask Me How Long It Will Take To Achieve My Goal?

I Usually Ask “WHEN” Was The Last Time You Were In Ideal Shape? Regardless Of Their Starting Point.

Reason Being , Whether You Have 5 Or 50 Kilograms To Lose, Changing Deeply Rooted Bad Habits And Negative Self-Talk Is Going To Take More Than 90 Days Period..

Here’s The Good News!!!!!

You May Not Go From 30% + Body Fat To Absolutely Shredded In 90 Days.. But You Can Make Some Awesome Progress!!!!


If You Find A 90 – Day Challenge That Talks About Temporarily Eliminating Certain Foods Or Strenuously Working Out 2+ Hours A Day, 7 Days Per Week.. You’ll Either Set Yourself Up For Struggle 90 Days From Now Or Possibly Fail In 30 – 40 Days.

This is a life journey ..not a “90 day fix!”

There’s Nothing Wrong With Pushing Yourself And Being Motivated By Physical Results.

Just Don’t Let That Motivation Blind You From What Really Matters. Making This Is A Lifestyle!!