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90 Day Transformation – Real or Scam

Let’s Talk About 90 – Day Challenges, And How 90% Of Them Are Total Bullshit Now , The Problem Isn’t The Programs Themselves. There Are Plenty Of 90 – Day Challenges That Provide Value , Education , And Can Get You Fantabulous Results When You Hire An Elite Coach Or Trainer Over Amateur Ones. My Beef’s Is Not With The Trainer , It’s With The Product – It’s The Marketing And Unrealistic Claims Behind Them. …

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Protein Destroys Your Kidney. Does It Really??

Fat Makes You Fat, Protein Destroys Your Kidney, Red Meat Will Kill You, Fruits And Carbs Spike Insulin Which Makes You Fat And Sugar Is Addictive. Only Thing Left Is Air And Water…. Oh Wait Air Polluted And Water Contains Fluoride. I’M Gonna Die… So Many Myths To Debunk. Stop This Fear Based Nonsense And Learn The Facts Before Considering Anyone’S Claims… Fats Does Not Make You Fat . Calorie Surplus Do. High Protein Diet …

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Spot Reduction

I’ve Been Asked Time And Again, I Just Want To Lose This Belly Fat, Fat Around Belly ( Love Handles) Or Fat Around Thighs & Glutes,If I Lose Fat In This Spot That’S Enough, I Don’T Want Anything Else.I’ve Seen Many People With This Kind Of Mentality. .But Is It Possible To Spot Reduce Or Lose Fat In Specific Part Of Body?Can It Be Done?Let’s Talk About It. . Where Your Body Stores Fat Is …

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