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90 Day Transformation – Real or Scam

Let’s Talk About 90 – Day Challenges, And How 90% Of Them Are Total Bullshit

Now , The Problem Isn’t The Programs Themselves. There Are Plenty Of 90 – Day Challenges That Provide Value , Education , And Can Get You Fantabulous Results When You Hire An Elite Coach Or Trainer Over Amateur Ones.

My Beef’s Is Not With The Trainer , It’s With The Product – It’s The Marketing And Unrealistic Claims Behind Them.

See, Many Of Them Prey ON Desperate Dieters And Say Things Like

  • Get Six Pack Abs In Just 90 Days!
  • Shred All Your Body Fat In 12 weeks… Just In Time For Summer.

Sounds Exciting… Right??

And Depending On Your , Those Claims Might Be True. If You’re Already Lean Or Just 5 – 10 Kilograms Of Fat To Lose , 90 Days Can Be Realistic Amount Of Time To See Great Results.

But If You’re Hoping To Lose 20+ Kilograms Or Go From Fat To Shredded In A Mere 12 Weeks .You’Re Only Setting Yourself Up For Failure!

Truth Is Transforming Your Body Takes A LONG Ass Time Than You Think. I Did It Myself , Trust Me On This One.

And Remember That Results Are Meaningless Unless You Build Habits , Routines And A Lifestyle Around Maintaining Them.

When People Ask Me How Long It Will Take To Achieve My Goal?

I Usually Ask “WHEN” Was The Last Time You Were In Ideal Shape? Regardless Of Their Starting Point.

Reason Being , Whether You Have 5 Or 50 Kilograms To Lose, Changing Deeply Rooted Bad Habits And Negative Self-Talk Is Going To Take More Than 90 Days Period..

Here’s The Good News!!!!!

You May Not Go From 30% + Body Fat To Absolutely Shredded In 90 Days.. But You Can Make Some Awesome Progress!!!!


If You Find A 90 – Day Challenge That Talks About Temporarily Eliminating Certain Foods Or Strenuously Working Out 2+ Hours A Day, 7 Days Per Week.. You’ll Either Set Yourself Up For Struggle 90 Days From Now Or Possibly Fail In 30 – 40 Days.

This is a life journey ..not a “90 day fix!”

There’s Nothing Wrong With Pushing Yourself And Being Motivated By Physical Results.

Just Don’t Let That Motivation Blind You From What Really Matters. Making This Is A Lifestyle!!

Fitness Training Weight Loss
Spot Reduction

I’ve Been Asked Time And Again, I Just Want To Lose This Belly Fat, Fat Around Belly ( Love Handles) Or Fat Around Thighs & Glutes,
If I Lose Fat In This Spot That’S Enough, I Don’T Want Anything Else.
I’ve Seen Many People With This Kind Of Mentality. .
But Is It Possible To Spot Reduce Or Lose Fat In Specific Part Of Body?
Can It Be Done?
Let’s Talk About It. .

Where Your Body Stores Fat Is Completely Based On,

  • Genetics
  • Gender
  • Hormones

And You Don’T Get To Choose Any Of Them. You Might Have Seen Commercials Saying:

5 Ways To Lose That Spare Tire Around Your Waist – Buy This, Do This For 30 Mins For Three Days Or Everyday And Make Your Belly Flat. – Even Trainers Or Coach’S Giving Fake Promise To Help U Spot Reduce Fat In Specific Area And Sell U Supplements, Pills And Training Programs Without Educating About Nutrition Or Dieting.

When You Fall For This Or Anything That Guarantees Quick Results Without Proper Education On Diet, Training And Quality Sleep And Lifestyle Changes.
Then Only Spot Reduction That Will Happen Is From Your Wallet.
And In Short, The Answer Is NO.

Just Like We Don’T Get To Pick And Choose Where On Our Body We Gain Fat, We Also Don’T Get To Decide Where We Lose It.
Fat Loss Happens Overall Not Just In Specific Parts Of The Body. .
No Amount Of Cardio Or Strength Training Will Help U Lose Fat, Unless You Stay In Caloric Deficit With Proper Nutrition.
Cardio And Weight Training May Create A Slight Caloric Deficit And You May Lose Some Weight But You Can Never Outwork Or Outperform Your Poor Nutrition.
It’S All About Energy Balance, Calories In Vs Calories Out.
You Can’T Target Specific Body Part To Train And Lose Fat, You Can Only Strengthen Them.

Body Fats Are Distributed All Over The Body,

Subcutaneous Fat: Sits On Top Of Your Muscle, Right Underneath Your Skin.
Visceral Fat: Sits Deep Inside The Abdominal Cavity. It Surrounds Vital Organs.
More Amount Visceral Fat Can Be Life Threatening.

The Only Way To Get Rid Of Body Fat Is To Get Lean As Much As Possible By Staying In Caloric Deficit Along With Resistance Training And Some Cardiovascular Activities.

So Next Time When Some One Promises To Help U Lose Fat In Specific Body Part Without Educating About Energy Balance And Nutrition And Simply Makes U Do Enormous Amounts Of Cardio? And Resistance Training? .

Just Run Away From Them.

Fitness Training Weight Loss
How do I start a home workout routine?

With Covid-19 infections on the rise and work from home becoming the norm, weight gain is haunting most of the folks in my professional and personal circle.

While some have successfully found a way to handle this situation, most of us are stuck at the very beginning. The common question that most people ask me is HOW DO I START?

I would always recommend such newbies to start under a trainer’s supervision. But lets face it – not everyone would spend on a trainer. They end up seeking Mr.GOOGLE for help. Search for home workout for beginners –> BAMMM!!

A number of people that I know are floored here. Asking some one that barely has the flexibility to touch their toes [thanks to long hours of sitting] to do 20 squats and follow it up with 20 walking lunges & jumping jacks is not going to work. This some one is going to try it for a day or two and give up for sure. This is not the only impractical routine available on the internet, this is just the first result that popped up when I googled.


While there was nothing much wrong about the routine that I got from GOOGLE, it does not give me information on how I should be approaching this routine. So this is my take on how someone should start a routine, be it home-workout, gym workout or any kind of fitness activity.


Try spending at least 10 minutes to warm up your entire body. It sets up your mind and body for what is to come next. Remember, it is not to get you exhausted before a workout session, so do not over do it.


Before trying a set [the suggested number of repetitions of any workout], try if you can do 1 repetition without any discomfort to your joints or lower back or shoulders. If you find any discomfort, it is better to stop than to proceed further. Well, if the first rep test is ok, go ahead. Check if you can manage 5. If yes, go for 10. Never get fixated to a finite number of repetitions on day 1. And if you were not able to do 1 proper repetition, swap it with an assisted variation like push-up with knee assisted push-ups, free squat with box squat, walking lunges with standing supported lunges.


Rest is as important as a workout to build strength. Your body needs at least 6 hours of sleep per day to repair itself so that you can challenge it harder. Remember working out 7 days a week is not ideal. There are several studies that advocate working out for as little as 3 days a week. I would suggest 4 days a week. You can go as high as 5, provided you have a well balanced diet. And if you are completely sore from previous days workout, its better to take one day off instead of working out at less than 100% intensity.


The key to building strength is to challenge your body. If you were able to do 10 squats on day 1, try doing 15 on day 15. If you are not able to do this, it means that you have not gained strength. Your diet / rest needs attention.


The most important thing with anything you do in life is consistency. You might hire the best of trainers, have the best of diets, follow the toughest of workout routines. Unless you are consistent enough, it might not work for you. Give your body enough time to adapt to your lifestyle change. Nothing happens overnight. If you can do 5 more push-ups, its a win. Focus on getting stronger both physically and mentally. Do not sweat over losing weight or gaining muscle in 4 or 12 weeks. Just remain consistent.

Think of fitness as a SIP. It might not give immediate returns but pays in the future for sure.