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Multivitamins play a special role in supporting your daily needs of vitamins and minerals. If the body doesn’t get enough nutrients, like those found in diets high in fruits, vegetables and fish, it cannot function properly. Even when people eat an ideal diet, foods are often depleted of certain nutrients due to the modern agricultural processes, harvesting, transporting, freezing and cooking.

GNC offers a wide array of choices in multivitamins, each customised by our experts for specific goals and lifestyles.

GNC Mega Men One Daily Multivitamin is customised as per men’s requirements and is a daily multivitamin- one pill a day.

· Includes 37 nutrients encourage men’s immune, brain and eye’s health.

· Features amino acids to help fuel skeletal muscles.

· Contains electrolytes to replace those lost after a workout.

· Includes B vitamins to support a healthy metabolism