Melts Healthy Gut


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Trust Your Gut Instinct

A healthy gut = a healthy you. After all, your gut is the second brain of the body and plays a crucial role in boosting your immunity levels. But a rising fast food is causing a rise in multiple gut issues amongst all of us, which is only amplified by overconsumption of soda, caffeine and lactose. Do you fall prey to indigestion, gas and acidity often? Or is IBS making every day a little tough to live? It’s time to try melts Healthy Gut – a small strip that dissolves in your mouth and works from within to give you complete digestive balance!

Probiotic + Digestive Enzymes + ACV

Improves Digestion

Prevents IBS, Gas & Acidity

Boosts Metabolism

Enhances Immunity

How to Consume: Place a melts® strip on your tongue and allow it to dissolve.

Recommended Dosage: Take 1 strip daily after meals


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